Tuesday, September 1, 2009

brother and sisters

saludos... greeting... just wanted to say helou and share with you something I have been working on... its in

namaste everyone.. may the divine sweetness inside us seek nothing but the divine sweetness in all of us =)


  1. People laugh when they hear the word revolution
    The image of torrid arms raised, bloodstained
    Waving a fiery flag under stars and suns,
    is replaced by prosthetic breasts and
    promises of comfort for submission
    There is no place for revolution, but only
    for collective understanding

  2. very true...... if someone wanted to build a house from the roof to the ground we would name him crazy, yet attempts for justice and equality are built on what I like to call voidness.. sacrifizing the means.. making space for revolution... space for a prosthetic justice while understanding is left aside.... .