Thursday, July 23, 2009

why today be the first? =)

with all my love,

Whether its the echo of my lingering dreams, the "blues" of change, of the embracing of whats coming, today was the first time I decided to write in a little while.....

It had been days while I remained fooled and humbled by the paradox between the lack and the infinity of sense... Today while sitting with myself I remembered the words of a great teacher who once told me, "love and the rest is coming"... hence the title of this blog, an attempt that grows out of a challenge to my own mind and to the way I was taught "I thought, therefore I was", Descartes famous saying rang in my mind not because of its lack of truth, but because it ignored that every great truth comes in pairs. Its arrogance ignores what Bohm once called the law of exclusive truths...... when he pointed the direction between the mind and the self he ignored the conection between the self and the mind......... he taught us how to "learn to love" (mind to self) yet spoke little about love to learn.

The last couple of weeks have represented nothing but change, I left and brought with me what became my home, a loving family, teachers, masters, unwavering friends, beautiful skies, penetrating seasons and a set of moments, undefined by lenght but marked by profoundity. It is to all these nouns with their adjectives that I now honor and remain thankful. I travelled with a blessing of a girlfriend and another gift of a brother, met masters and lessons. And what I wish to write and portray is a little glimpse of if how these things changed me. This summer the world, my life, and causality came together to present me with a choice, I used what I had to choose and embarked my self into another adventure, one full of lessons, and while I consciously lead my mind the greatest lesson would come from a humble spirit that simply followed. A spirit who, like water, knew the power of non doing, a spirit that loved the earth, loves depht, a spirit that does not compete and a master that teaches without speaking. A master that gently changes us when we listen, he does not compete with the mind because he doesn't recognize good and evil because like love, "it" or "he' or "she" exists apart from them. Like Lao Tzu wrote it, he acts but takes no merit, and many times because of this we dont listen. But seen in a beautiful way because of this it is a lesson to listen. With this intention I create this space, an attempt to share, to listen, and ultimately to grow. I believe its interesting how in history there have always been those who listen, and it is what they shared that continues to change us. Those messages of love and compassion, those stories of fear and denial that live in a collective experience while continuing to bounce inside us. And I hope that through the simplicity of our stories we can practice listening....

Since I left I have been moving south, crossed the border into mexico and have continued to walk, jump, or hop (like in a yoga class) through moments, people, and lessons that I will try to share through this little space in the computer. I hope that I get to hear about you, your thoughts, or anything that we can share in the spirit of growing, learning, laughing, or any other verb we can think of.

to all my friends, teachers, brothers and sisters

like vash the stampede would say LOOOOOVE AND PEEEACEEE